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Shopping List
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Shopping List

This is what I usually buy when I got to the store.  Keep in mind:
I live in a 300 sq. foot apt. and I walk to and from the store.
My freezer is smaller than my head.
I've been known to be "freaked out" by raw meat (biology major).
I'm moderately poor but also very cheap.
Shopping List:
chicken breast, skinless, boneless
cottage cheese 1%
big tub of fat free vanilla yogurt
small fat free yogurts, usually Colombo or Yoplait
morningstar farms grillers prime
a dozen eggs
spinach in a bag or
kale in a bunch
skim milk
vegetables like zucchini or broccoli
apples, pears, oranges
dried apricots
brown rice
wild rice
whole wheat pasta
fat free lime jello
whole wheat small pitas
salad bags
canned tuna - light, in water (albacore has mercury, so I've been told)
canned tomatos
canned black beans
canned corn
canned reduced fat cream of mushroom soup
small can of black olives
diet coke, diet pepsi, or diet dr pepper
green tea
That's pretty much it.  I've trying to work up to lean sirloin and branch out on
my proteins -- give me time.  I'm also trying to figure out how to cook, for
real.  For the first year in my apartment, I microwaved water and popcorn at
my apartment and ate microwave soup bowls (I was an intern, didn't have time
to shop), so this is all a big step up.