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Sunday 2/1/04
Good morning!  If you don't have luxurious high-count cotton sheets, I highly recommend them.  This Christmas I got "Rich" a set of 660 count damask cotton ivory sheets at Overstock for a steal.  Less than $50, and the original price on the things were over $300.  They wrinkle like crazy, but what does that matter with a bedspread, and after a few washes, they are so soft and warm and cozy that I never want to leave the bed.  Good thing Rich's refrigerator is big enough to hold numerous 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke.  I have to leave the bed to get my morning fix.  What do they put in Diet Coke, anyway?  It's not the caffeine - tea or coffee just doesn't take its place.  I'm sure it would be a Dateline NBC investigation except that Coke probably owns NBC.  And if they don't PepsiCo does, and they probably put the same thing in Pepsi.
This morning Ocean's 11 was on HBO.  Rowr. 
Hey - It's superbowl Sunday.  Since when did this start happening in February?  Anyway, We're going over to a party at my friend Todd's place.  He's engaged to a newly-minted psychiatrist who graduated from our program last year.  They have a crap TV so Rich is bringing over his.  Not that it's plasma or anything special - just a 27 inch flat screen.  But it's better than Todd's, and that is how such decisions are made.  Now we don't have to bring over beer.
All right all right - nothing but shallow thoughts are coming to my head today.  God knows there's enough of that on the internet.  So I'll wait until I get into a funk about injustice or something and write again later.  Except that's the way the world is.  There will always be injustice, and why not enjoy the spoils of our corrupt civilization? Like the Superbowl.  Go Pats!

Saturday 1/31/04
I just erased my entire blog entry for today.  It was funny yet touching yet sad.  Here's a grumpy retyped summary of it:
Dogwood cafe was chillin'.  They have goood thin veggie pizza without tons of cheese.
My eating sucked yesterday. Started out well, but then I went over to Rich's doritos and beer infested house. Oxygen fitness queens have willpower that exceeds mine.  But the magazine is rife with evil thermogenic adds.  And Robert Kennedy looks like a combination of Jim Henson and Animal. 
My lower body workout, unlike my eating, was goood.
Mr. Knightly (cat) is a water bulimic.  He drinks until he pukes.  Not sure what his problem is, but at least I know he's not dehydrated.
Today my mission is to complete a Powerpoint presentation on "Treating Depression - Nuts and Bolts for Primary Care Doctors" or "Why you shouldn't prescribe a month of paxil with 11 refills and wash your hands of it."
Have a nice day.

Friday 1/30/03
Back to work again.  Always twice as much after missing the day before.  But it went okay, except for all the urgent phone calls I got on my messages yesterday and didn't check.  Oh well.  Tonight I am on back-up teaching call.  I have to help decide whether to let a guy go home who was completely shitfaced and told the ER doc he was going to kill him if he touched him.  I don't know if this is today's litigious society, or lack of common sense (or sense of humor because those situations tend to be tragically funny to the ED crowd) in the ER docs working tonight, or what, but that bought this guy a psych consult.  Of course, my junior resident (who is at the hospital) has to wait for him to wake up from his drinkfest to interview him to see if he really is going to kill someone.  I for one can't wait to find out.  If his alcohol level was above 280 or so the physiologic possibility of him even remembering is pretty damn low, unless he was a good longterm hard drinker.  They use a different enzyme system that actually burns calories to metabolize alcohol (none of that 7 cal per gram the casual drinker has to put up with!  Ever wonder how Meg Ryan's character stayed so skinny in When a Man Loves a Woman?).  Not that I would recommend unending drinking as the way to go for weight loss.  I'm just explaining.
Must go now -- Rich and I are headed to the Dogwood Cafe to watch a friend play and sing.  Thank the lord for pagers and cell phones, or I'd be stuck at the hospital tonight.