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Thursday 1/22/04
Due to a Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn film extravaganza last night on cable and my inability to keep from watching "The Philadelphia Story", I'm still sleep deprived.  But I'm hoping to catch up soon.  But not today.
Did legs yesterday, same workout as Friday, and today I'm only a good amount of sore.  Good to know recovery comes quickly even after three weeks of neglect.
Meals -
hazelnut crunch chocolate truffle
cottage cheese and yogurt
broccoli rabe and chicken
zucchini and chicken
kashi golean crunch and milk
leftover baked cod and linguini
cottage cheese and yogurt
1/8 cranberry muffin
broccoli and chicken
broccoli, chicken, and flour tortilla
some soy burger combination
Overall I have that uneasy feeling that one gets at times - today is a follow-up job interview and I'm nervous about the whole deal.  That and some of my patients aren't doing too well.  The latter half of the winter is brutal on many.
But the most important thing is that I get a nap.  Sometime.  Not, unfortunately, today.
Update 2:41 pm -- the follow-up job interview was cancelled.  A water main broke and the whole building lost power.  Not my building (or I could not be doing this), but the building where Rich works.  More good/bad news - my 1pm cancelled so I got in a cardio workout.  But I had my body fat measured via calipers.  30%.  Ugh.  Well, in 10 weeks it could be 20%.
All right.  Carry on.

Tuesday 1/20/04
I am too grumpy for work today.  Not such a good thing in a therapist.  I'm sure you hate it when your therapist is grumpy.  Long weekends do this to me - the mini-vacation-return-to-work let-down.  Of course, in reality, I was working all weekend except yesterday, so who am I kidding.  This afternoon though I just have med visits and an intake. It's good to be grumpy for those visits because they require more energy and less compassion than the therapy hours. I'm skipping Grand Rounds because it is too freakin' cold to go over there. 
The rest of the week should be cake, and I have a real weekend coming up at that point.
Between the wedding, finding a job, the book, and general winter blahs, I'm having a hard time relaxing.  Everything is just too unsettled to relax.  That's neurotic, of course.  Of course I can relax.  These are all good things.  No reason not to be happy and enjoy it all.  So shut up and have fun.  Now.
Now I'm being grumpy with myself on a webpage.  Ha!  I even packed a gym bag and have 90 minutes free between 4:30 and 6 and halfway to work I realized I forgot to bring it.  Gah! Well, meals today...
1. cottage cheese, yogurt
2. 1/2 slice banana bread, orange-the infamous Tuesday morning work brunch
3. EFL green chili chicken soup + flour tortilla
4. broccoli rabe + chicken
5. ?
6. ??
I did not sleep well last night.  Hope things will be better tonight.
Addendum 2:16pm - What the ##%#$!@% is wrong with me?  I'm having the shakes again, just like when I was in college when my day's meals looked like this:
dr pepper
strawberry fig newton
dr pepper
Okay, I can definitely look back and see an insulin shower hitting me then, but today?  I mean, meal two was carb city, but I had the chicken soup in the meantime.  So I'm having my chicken and broccoli rabe now (not bad, broccoli rabe - cooks up well and is a little different from the usual cooked veggie fare).  But that leaves me high and dry until I get home at 7:30. I will have to be more careful about my carb choices the rest of the week.  Ay carumba.

Monday 1/19/04
All right.  Busy day today - slept until nine, showered, cleaned, did laundry, returned Underworld, bought vegetables including broccoli rabe, went to the Christian Science Mapparium with a friend of mine from medical school, welcomed a current med student to my place so she could have a bed to sleep in for residency interviews, went to Rich's (fiance's) place, watched Discovery channel over pistacio nuts and lite beer.
Fortunately, I did my bi/tri/shoulder day last night when I got home.  This split is good for me in the winter time, because I am not motivated to haul my ass across the blustery frozen cityscape to go to the gym most of the time on days off work.  I have weights, a swiss ball, and resistance bands enough to do the bi/tri/shoulder day at home, and a reasonable facsimile of the chest/back day.  The legs suffer without some serious weight and real gym equipment. 
I bought a laptop.  I'll need one when I go off to my real job (whatever that will be) in July, and it's useful to take around to work on the books.  Expensive though. 
Meals!  Not so good -
Last night I went to Pomodoro in the North end, but I had baked cod over the roasted plum tomatoes and ignored the side of linguini.  Weird thing, though, when I got home I was shaking like I'd consumed a full-sugar coke.  I had to eat some yogurt before the shaking went away.  Don't know what they put in the baked cod there, but c'est la vie.  The waiter there is one of those snooty ones who speaks too softly to be heard over the restaurant noise and then acts as if you are a fool because you don't hear him.  We were all too terrified to ask for a wine list.  The food came out quickly, but I'm not all that fond of the place.  There are less edgy restaurants in the North End that serve very comforting food.  The cod was tasteless, but I must admit, the roasted plum tomatoes were fantastic. 
1. kashi go-lean crunch + milk + one egg
2. 1/2 dark chocolate bar
3. tuna/protein rotini/lite cream of mushroom soup EFL recipe
4. doritos, pistacios, one lite beer, 1/4 chocolate bar
5. weight watchers smart ones honey dijon chicken, one scoop vanilla ice cream
So, as you can see, not doing too well.  The wedding dress seems far from my mind.  I can't wait for it to get warm again.
Oh, let's see if I can put in comments:

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Well, not exactly comments right here, but it will do for now.  I'm clever like a monkey.  I can figure this stuff out eventually, but I'm too impatient to read up on it... I just have to learn by doing.  That's how I ended up with Sharpie marker filling in a big scratch on my car, and lipstick made out of eye shadow and painter's glaze (I don't recommend this to the kiddies.  It was a desperate situation requiring a certain color).
All right.  Now I have to rest.