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Sunday 1/18/04
I can't figure out how the text works on this thing.  Sometimes the font is one thing, sometimes another.  Sometimes it wraps around in the screen, sometimes it goes all the way across.  I go back and switch fonts and save it and publish it and... sometimes it changes to what I want, sometimes it doesn't. 25 years of schooling and there you go, foiled by tripod.  Differences are better than uniformity (I say, squirming).  But this is like eating a kit kat all at once instead of layer by layer - it tastes good, but it is not quite as satisfying.
Yesterday I did chest/back, but my eating was free day.  My friend Kerry is in town, and the people she is staying with invited us over for an Indian feast.  And wine.  Lots of wine.  Fortunately I ate enough to absorb the alcohol.  Meals went down like this --
1. 3 whites, one yolk scramble, yogurt
2. apple
3. EFL green chili.  Forgot the tortilla, though.
4. Apple crisp + ice cream + lite beer
5. Indian feast + wine
We went shopping too - there are excellent bargains this weekend at Gap and Express.  All their winter stuff is on sale, and fortunately for me it's still the dead of winter.  I got two pairs of cords, one pair of black velvet jeans, two miniskirts ($4 each!), and a winter coat ($25 - marked down from $118!!).  Fiance, who never buys clothes unless they are bargain basement, walked away with some fashionable duds on his terms.
Now, if only I could find a gorgeous bargain wedding dress.
Gads, my legs still hurt from Friday's workout.  It's snowing outside, and this old house fiance bought can't tolerate the rigors of jumping rope indoors, at least not here on the second floor.  He rents out the first floor.  Too easy on these snowy days to eat doritos and watch movies.  And he wants it to snow more, so he can use his new snowblower. 
No doritos yet, but meals thus far have been:
1. oatmeal, soy burger
2. apple crisp, ice cream, diet coke (reasonable teensy portions, if there is such a thing on a non free day.  I'm not excusing myself.  I'm just sayin')
3. EFL green chili
4. ??
5. ??
I'm more comfortable with five meals rather than six, unless one of the meals is an apple or half a balance bar or something.
Holy shit! I get the day off tomorrow too!  What is the world coming to? What am I supposed to write about on these lazy days?

Satuday 1/17/04
Hi.  I'm beginning to regret tripod a little bit.  About 1/3 of the time I try to update my blog, like Thursday late evening and Monday, the site is down.  Anyhoo, I'm on phone call all weekend.  Phone call means that any of the younger resident minions who have a question have to call me for ideas.  I usually say things like "That's a really good question,"  or "What came to mind to you in taking care of this?" or "Really?  The lady's husband punched the security guard?  Wow!"  It also means that on occasion my muttered cell phone conversations at Target sound like this to the innocent bystanders -- "He wants to go home?  No way.  He lit himself on fire.  He stays."  Psychiatry is fun.  Unfortunately, I'm sworn to secrecy about most of it.  In about 6 months, a weekend of phone call with the possibility of going in for consults could net me $700-800.  Right now I'm no extra charge.  But ostensibly I'm blogging, doing laundry, and working all at the same time.  God bless technology and the new millenium.
I finally figured out that BFL women's club thing about being stuck on the toilet.  See, when I started BFL, I'd already been working out pretty hard core for a while.  I was just eating like an asshole.  Over late December and early January, I decided to take a little weight training hiatus and stick to some core workouts with pilates and the like.  Those Mary Windsor DVDs are pretty good, and after a month of that I have to add about a hundred crunches to my normal routine to feel anything.  Still, I get pretty sick of her "delicate back" and "Stay in the frame of the body!" admonitions.  I've taken to doing the dvds with pounding rock music and mary on mute.  To me this seems fun, kind of subversive, which makes me the nerdiest girl on the planet.
Oh, back to the toilet.  See, newbies to BFL do the lower body workout and the next day they try to get up from the toilet, and find their gluteal muscles are too exhausted to make such effort. Anyway, I've changed to a four day weight split alternating bi/tri/shoulders with legs with chest/back.  Yesterday was my first legs day on this new split, and the first real legs day since my weight hiatus began mid-december.  I had the bright idea to do dumbbell squats, barbell squats, dead lifts, and two types of lunges all on the same day.  Today I can freely do any movement which doesn't require the ass to work.  I was able to get up from the toilet unassisted, fortunately.
Yesterday's meals weren't so great - I was fresh off the rush of finishing my chapter summaries Thursday night and buying four new canvases for more paintings (don't laugh -- here's my painting from Wednesday, my first painting EVER:)


It's a cell phone picture, which is why it looks like crap.  For the better, I'd say.  Anyone want to buy it?
Oh yeah - meals yesterday:
1. yogurt and cottage cheese
2. small roast beef sandwich, inside of a veggie wrap (scavenged from the selection committee lunch)
3. soy burger patty, broccoli, kale
4. milky way popables and red wine (oops!)
5. tuna, protein rotini, light cream of mushroom soup, peas (bastardized EFL recipe)
6. fudge grahmn zone bar (how do spell grahmn?  If only Daniel Webster had his way my blog would look like 6. fuj gram bar. no kernal sanders today! Woo!)
Today's meals are yet to be determined.  I have to squeeze in chest and back also.  Fiance went off to the store - to get some eggs, and I blithely handed him a list of ingredients for green chili chicken soup.  Now he's scouring the grocery store for whatever hominy is (like grits, right?).
I ought to enable a comment/reply feature, but my html skills are pretty feeble.  That and I didn't think that anyone would actually read this thing.  But I was over at Otter's blog (another inspiration) and she referenced me!  Woah.  Heady stuff.
All right.  Enough.  I may rant later.

Thursday 1/15/04
Busy.  I took up painting yesterday.  I managed to get oil paints on my nose, chin, sweater, socks, and the cat.  He thought it would be a good idea to walk on the canvas.  Fortunately, after the incident his burnt umber pawprints led directly to his hiding space for cat-clean-up.  It was a lovely way of ignoring the fact that I need to do chapter summaries (in fact, they should have been done yesterday).  If I can get my act together I'll post a picture of the painting.
Every minute of my working day is scheduled up already, except these 5 minutes right now.